In this often disconnected and lonely year, I learned with and taught, collaborated with on projects, coached, interviewed, and facilitated 639 people.

All remotely.

Across two workplaces and five enterprises.

Despite being laid off in February.

Mostly during a pandemic.

I’m most proud that I coached 218 people, taught 374…

The future of professional jobs is in transition: focus is shifting to integrative skill sets and workplaces that are self-organizing and inclusive, and away from both machinable skills and top-down hierarchies.

As technology increases automation and its reach over logistics, attention is turning to the roles of collaborative, human-centered products [Deloitte], judgement [McKinsey], and creativity [BBH labs], in innovative workplaces. …

(as an artist with a community-based live art practice and a side of polymath)

I curated a DIY retrospective of my artwork, and it was awesome. Here’s how you can do it too.

June 21–23, 2019 I showed a retrospective of my creative cultural production to date. I’m newly 40 and I wanted to take stock of the output of my community-based practice, as…

Hadassah Damien

design strategist & facilitator // economics researcher @rffearlessmoney // progressive technologist // performer

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