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  • Eli Holder

    Eli Holder

    Indie Data / Design / Feedback Geek. Former founder nodd.co, notch.me and unblab.com.

  • Skip Allums

    Skip Allums

    Design leader at Google. Ex-PayPal, Capital One, others. Author at O'Reilly. Father. Mostly banking & payments UX.

  • The Bello Collective

    The Bello Collective

    Editorial team | editor@bellocollective.com

  • Sean G Campbell

    Sean G Campbell

  • MakerDAO


    Stability for the blockchain @ MakerDAO.com

  • Amy Webb

    Amy Webb

    Quantitative Futurist. 未来学者. Trends+strategy @FTI. Author THE BIG NINE + SIGNALS ARE TALKING. Prof @NYUStern. Cofndr @SparkCamp. Fellow @OxfordSBS @ACGeoTech

  • Samantha Slade

    Samantha Slade

    Co-creation | Social innovation | Going Horizontal (teal). Collaborating to face the socio-ecological transition. http://percolab.com http://goinghorizontal.co/

  • Gesche Haas

    Gesche Haas

    Founder | Investor | Advisor | Mentor — Dreamers // Doers. Increasing the # of successful ventures launched by women✨🚀

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