Values-first Redesign of Financial Services for a Social Justice Fiscal Sponsor

This case study is for two audiences, to help you answer the following:

As a funder or fiscal sponsor…


As a progressive financial strategist, I was brought in to partner with Allied Media (AMP) to create a custom workshop after a previous financial literacy training had not been as values aligned and accessible as Toni Moceri, the Sponsored Projects Program Director at AMP had hoped.


At a happy hour right after, I interviewed a few workshop attendees and two staff members to try to understand my miss in terms of the problems they were facing in regards to their project’s money.

  • Staff had been assuming there was mass frustration at certain steps, but the feedback contained appreciation and understanding,
  • The majority of projects that had the clearest sense of money management either got to hang around the office and get ad hoc explanatory support, or had experience running businesses,
  • In particular, projects used one of the Monthly reports to draw a lot of inference and info out of, but weren’t always clear on how the information got into the report or how to meaningfully use that information to make decisions or be inclusive.


Key takeaways & insights:



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Hadassah Damien

Hadassah Damien

design strategist & facilitator // economics researcher @rffearlessmoney // progressive technologist // performer